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  • Organic Medicine – webkurs

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    The course is for you ie:
    Everyone has their own body to take care of.
    Anyone looking for solution to their own health problems.
    Anyone who works with the health of others – relatives, masseurs, reflexologists, health care personnel, alternative therapists.
    Whoever is responsible for the health of others – parents, employers, safety representatives, health professionals, educators, politicians, and so on.
    You learn self-observe, reason and draw conclusions about the body’s way of functioning of the individual case.
    Very little emphasis is placed on medical terminology, chemical formulas, Latin, or other ”bookish” erudition. You understand what you read.

    Access to course materials on the Web and a CD with additional materials that are also important to know how the body works and a library of Homeopathic remedies and its onset and effect.

    The course is low priced (probably the lowest in Sweden) for everyone to afford.

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