Children’s OmegaBerry (Barns omega 3 EPA-DHA) 150ml

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150ml oil.
Emulsified fish oil, probiotics, tropical fruit and berries concentrates, making it optimally absorbed and provide a tasty source of essential omega-3 fatty acids for your children.
The liquid form makes it easy to give even the youngest child, either directly from the spoon or mix in a child’s favorite beverage.
Fish oils are a rich source of essential fatty acids eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexanaenoic acid (DHA).
They are used as building blocks for cell membranes and is the basis for the chemical messenger, supporting the function of many body systems as cardiovascular, nervous, reproductive and immune systems.
DHA is also needed for healthy growth in infants and children, particularly for neural development and maturation of sensory systems.

Children’s Omega Berry ® is an advanced formulation, which uses cutting-edge processes unique to Biocare ® to produce a pure, highly concentrated and well absorbed fish oil.
NRC-3 ™ is an exceptionally effective concentration technique using lipase enzymes, which results in a fish oil of outstanding purity and high potency, while retaining their natural triglyceride form and ratio of EPA: DHA.
In addition, oils emulsified to make them water-soluble, which means that they can easily be mixed into the liquid.
Emulsification is also increasing dramatically the bioavailability of the oils.
The presence of concentrated fruit also makes Children Omega Berry ® a good source of antioxidants – equivalent to one quarter cup of fresh berries per 10 ml.

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